Why is Twitter Absolutely Vital To Your Business Success?

Twitter is one of the BIGGEST, MOST active, fastest growing and most engaging virtual communities in human history. It contains an infinite number of micro niches made up of people that are incredibly passionate about those niches.

A huge number of these people literally carry Twitter around in their pocket via their Smart Phones.

Very few people know this but Twitter is the 2nd largest social network behind Facebook… and they are one of the biggest lead and traffic sources in the world. Period.

In fact they grew 44% in 2013, and get this…

  • Twitter gives you instant access to over 500 million registered users and 300,000 new visitors every day...

  • 80% of Twitter users are located in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia (i.e the countries that most advertisers target)

  • 50% of active Twitter users follow companies or products and 67% of US users are more likely to buy from someone they follow.

  • Twitter’s fastest growing age demographic is 55 – 64 year olds (up 79% over the previous year)

  • Unlike Facebook, there are no limits on how many Followers you can have.

And for those that still think Twitter is not a driver of sales, consider this:

Speed Stick recently spent $4 million on a Super Bowl Ad to promote a hashtag. No website. No Facebook Fanpage. Just Twitter

Twitter is ALSO one of the most powerful communications tools ever created. Twitter isn’t just like e-mail, or the internet, or the phone. It’s better.

Why? The first and most compelling reason, is because it allows one-to-one (or one-to-many) communication with people who have opted in (Followed you). They want to be contacted and have given you the permission to do so.

Just think about that for a minute...

Imagine any industry or profession. Imagine yours. Now think about influential people in your field that you’d like to have one-to-one contact with. Their e-mails addresses are patrolled by their PAs, as are their phone numbers.

But what if they have a Twitter account? Hmmm… are you seeing where I’m going with this?

People who set up Twitter accounts do so as individuals, and they manage the account themselves. It’s their account. They are the ones who log in in the morning and read their incoming tweets. Not their PA or their aides (unless it’s Barack Obama). That’s a crucial point.

Who would you like to contact, right now, and get a quick response from? The CEO of a company? An industry analyst? A sports commentator? A journalist? Chances are they’re already on Twitter.

Twitter is the place where the people you’d like to contact already are (or soon will be). It’s the place where millions of conversations are happening every second of the day. It’s the place where people’s ideas are being read by many, many other people with the same interests, or who work in the same field. It’s the place where new ideas can get their first airing, and where advice is willingly offered, and where endorsements are freely given, and where new partnerships are made, and where new projects are launched.

The beauty of Twitter is that, not only can you directly contact individuals who have freely provided their contact information, your ideas and communication can also be read by everyone following you (if you want them to; if not, you can send private messages, just like e-mail) so it means lots of people are exposed to your sites, ideas and questions. And they can then share these with their followers.

So, let’s move on from questions like: “What’s the ROI of using Twitter?” or “”How can we evaluate Twitter’s usefulness to our organization?” You may as well ask: “How can I evaluate the networking I do at a trade show?” or “Can I measure the ROI of the time I spent having dinner with that group of investors?” You can’t measure it. But you certainly do those things. It’s called networking. Nothing complicated, but highly valuable.

Think of Twitter in the same way. It’s simply another form of networking. Actually, it’s not just another form of networking; it is the KING of networking.

Twitter is uber-networking for busy business people who don’t have the time to attend long lunches or boring seminars. It’s something you can do on your laptop or your Smart Phone. You can do it in the office or at home; in the airport or the train. It’s immediate...it is NOW!

At the touch of a button you can be in instant contact with just about anyone you want to.

Peace, and progress

Haydn Stevenson
Chief Visionary Officer an Co-founder
Staged Media Inc.

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