The Secret behind Twitter's Limits on Following Others

If you are fairly new to Twitter you may experience problems once you want to follow more than 2,000 accounts. This is due to an obstacle the designers of Twitter have deliberately placed at the 2,000 Follower level to deter robots and unscrupulous users - and I must say it is quite brilliant.

How does this 2,000 Follower Obstacle affect you?

Well, regardless of how many followers you have, you can follow up to 2,000 people without a problem. So even if you only have 1 solitary person follow you, you can follow 2,000 Twitter accounts.

However, the minute you go to follow the 2,001st account your following efforts will come to an abrupt halt until the people following you increases.

What is the 'magic' number when you can start following more than 2,000 people?

I often get asked "So at what exact number of people following me do I need to achieve before I can follow more than 2,000?"

The short answer is that only once your personal Twitter Followers exceed 1,819 will you be able to follow more people.

The Twitter 10% rule

Once you exceed 1,819 personal Followers you can follow an additional 10% over and above the number of people who follow you. Let's say you have 3,000 followers. You can now follow a total of 3,300.

So if I am limited to following 2,000 people how will I ever be able to get more people to follow me back?

A very common strategy lies in unfollowing the Twitter accounts of people that never follow you back thus opening up room for you to follow others.

Over time, by carefully following people interested in your niche and unfollowing those that don't follow you back you will see your Follower count and audience reach increase.

You have probably guessed by now that managing all this following and unfollowing activity can be a logistically daunting and time-consuming task for you.

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