The One Simple Thing You MUST Do With Twitter To Generate The Maximum Leads.

For me, hands-down, the most important piece of real estate on Twitter is your own Bio Description and it is often the most neglected.

When optimized properly your Twitter Bio can be a very reliable source of high quality leads. Personally, not a day goes by where I do not generate multiple opt-in leads with the simple strategy I am going to show you.

But first...

Why is your Bio Description so important?

  • When you Follow another person before they Follow you back they will very often hover over your Profile picture in their Twitter Notifications to check you out.

  • When you post something interesting people will go to your Bio out of curiosity.

  • When you Retweet or Favorite another person's Tweets it will show up in their Notifications and often in their email as well, and many will check out your Bio.

In all the cases above if your Bio does not promote you properly then you are leaving money on the table.

So what does a good Bio Description look like?

And this is what your prospects will see in their Twitter Notifications when you Follow them, Retweet or Favorite their posts.

How does combining a good Twitter Bio Description with Staged's Managed Twitter Service help you to generate leads hands-free?

Once you have a good Bio all you need to do is drive qualified traffic to it and a percentage of those people will become opt-in leads for you.

Staged's Managed Twitter Service will follow people in your target niche for you and the powerful by-product of that is your Bio will be getting in the Notifications (and often emails) of the people that need your product or service the most.

If you have crafted a compelling offer then this essentially puts this method of lead generation on total auto-pilot for you.

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Peace and progress:)

Haydn Stevenson
Chief Visionary Officer an Co-founder
Staged Media Inc.

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