The Law of Reciprocity - how to get any one person to follow you on Twitter.

One of the most effective and simplest ways to get people to follow you is to engage with them. After all, 99.99% of people on Twitter don’t even know that you exist.

You can write thousands upon thousands of life-changing Tweets but if people aren’t interacting with you in some way then they’re never going to read those tweets and realize how awesome you are - and how beneficial it is to them to develop a deeper relationship with you.

If you want to get a particular person to follow you (and view your all-important Twitter Bio) then you will need to behave in a way to get yourself positively noticed by 'paying it forward subtly showing that person 'social love.'

Here are the concrete actions you will want to take:

  • Head over to their timeline and read their tweets.

  • Retweet their best content, and for added punch, write a little comment in the space Twitter provides you.

  • Click on their links, read what they’re sharing and respond to those tweets.

  • If you have used their product, or read their book and got value from it then Tweet a recommendation and use their @twitterhandle in the Tweet. If you include an image of the book or your results from using their product that makes Tweet even more potent.

  • Try to be useful. Answer their questions. Ask them questions. Comment on their opinions. Pay subtle and sincere compliments. Recommend them to your other friends and followers. And so on.

Do all of this politely and regularly without being a nuisance and they will pay attention. While this is not a 100% sure-fire method to guarantee you get followed (and perhaps will be hard to apply to mega superstars) - it will dramatically increase your chances.

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