Staged Has Released A Managed Twitter Service, Social Inbox And A Brand New $9 Price Level.

Hello Everyone,

We have a bunch of new enhancements to tell you about today. All of which will increase your productivity, save you more time and as a result create a bigger success story for your business or cause.

This update is going to be a big one so let's dive right in shall we?

Brand New Time-Saving Service - Managed Twitter

I know this is what many of you have wanted for the longest time.

  • You know the Twitter Builder is a wonderful tool.

  • You know that with every Twitter Account you build you are creating another marketing asset that is yours - your very own Social Media 'Mailing List.'

  • You know that every person you follow is notified inside Twitter and often in their email exposing them to your Twitter bio description (with your call to action and URL in it.)

But up until now the process of following, unfollowing and managing your Twitter Accounts took dedication, day after day, to perform.

Well... we are very proud to present to you our brand new done-for-you service - Managed Twitter!

So how does it work?

  1. You decide which Twitter Account(s) you want Managed

  2. You enter up to 25 Twitter usernames of 'Big Dogs' in your niche for our team to follow

  3. Our in-house team will totally manage all the following and unfollowing for each account you assign to them.

  4. You will have full stats and can track the daily following/unfollowing activity that is being done for you by our team, on an account by account basis.

How much does the Managed Twitter service cost?

The cost to manage a single Twitter Account, 5 days a week, is only $5 per month - that equates to $0.17 a day to put your following of REAL targeted people on auto-pilot.

If you want 3 Twitter Accounts managed then the price would be $15 a month (3 x $5)

If you want 7 Twitter Accounts managed then the price would be $35 a month (7 x $5) and so on...

If you'd like to use our Managed Twitter service for one (or more) of your Twitter Accounts all you need to do is click the Managed Twitter menu item on your Twitter Builder page.

Brand New Feature - Social Inbox - Save Massive Time & Never Miss A Social Message Again

Personally this tool has me extremely excited - after testing it for over a month now my productivity has gone through the roof, and I simply could not imagine being without it. It is almost impossible to put a dollar figure on the amount of time I have saved using the Social Inbox.

One of the challenges of operating so many different Social Media accounts is being able to easily and efficiently handle all the messages and replies that your customers and prospects send you.

The magic behind the Social Inbox is that it brings all your Twitter Mentions, Retweets, Direct Messages and New Follower notifications from all your Twitter profiles into a single, central stream that you can filter.

Below is a condensed view of what your Social Inbox will look like.

PRO TIP: No longer do you have to log in and out of multiple accounts to reply to your audience - it can all be done inside Staged!

Brand New Membership Level - "Intro" for $9 per month

We created the "Intro" level membership to give absolutely anyone the opportunity to experience the power of Staged at a price that won't hurt their budget.

For $9 per month an Intro level user will have the following benefits:

  1. Ability to rapidly Grow and Manage up to 2 Twitter Accounts using the Twitter Builder

  2. Ability to create 1 custom Staged Campaign

  3. Ability to create up to 30 Stages (30 pieces of viral video content) per month

  4. Full access to our exclusive Stageit "instant content creation" button

  5. Will have access to our brand new Social Inbox with 3 days of data retention

I challenge you to find this kind of value in any other Social Media app on the market. I have looked long and hard and for $9 no other company will allow you to:

1. Grow your audience

2. Save you massive time engaging with your audience.

3. Give you a 2-click way to create instant content fully branded to you and posted to your Social Media with high-traffic hashtags.

PRO TIP: You can now offer this level of membership to your contacts and earn monthly commissions on the $9.00. You will also earn a 33% monthly commission on whatever level of membership they may decide to upgrade to.

And finally... we have a New Menu Layout

To make the navigation and use of Staged more intuitive for you and your teams we have changed up the menu on the left side.

We broke Staged down into it's 3 main components, Growing your Audience, Engagement, and Content - and given them each their own menu tab.

Along with the new menu layout, we will also be deploying interactive training tips to make Staged as easy as possible for you and your referrals to learn to use our tools effectively.

To sign off I want to thank you very much for being part of our Staged user family. Our mission is to give you the finest, most cutting-edge Social Media productivity tools ever developed to save your most precious resource - time.

Peace, progress and a really heavy dose of 'Kaizen'

Haydn Stevenson
Chief Visionary Officer an Co-founder
Staged Media Inc.

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