Don't use Social Media to ram your business down people's throats.

If you are here on this blog then the chances are extremely high that you are looking to leverage Twitter and Social Media to reach customers, gain leads and make sales.

I get that...and even our core business exists ultimately to put more money in our customers' pockets via social lead generation...BUT...

There is a reason it is called Social Media and NOT Sales Media - people flock to these sites to share, to chat, to be entertained and other be Social.

Social Media is NOT about posting, "Here's how to buy my crap."

I often use the analogy of Social Media being like a 'Party' and just like a real party there are things that are just downright rude and swiftly get you relegated to the 'Loser Box' that each of us has in our minds for those we find distasteful. One such example would be...

Walking up to everyone you meet, and with zero attempt to get to know them, immediately proceeding to sell your products, your deal or your business opportunity - and in effect 'puke' your selfish commercial interests all over them.

Now in the real world of concrete, beer and meat pies we instinctively know that the above behavior is a major 'NO NO' and is the fastest way to making people's skin crawl and being dubbed a d**khead but why do so many of us totally disregard that on Social Media?

The sad news is that this is one of the top complaints that most buyers have about most businesses and small companies that market themselves - they persistently and painfully vomit self-serving posts and pitches all over their feeds.

If your goal is to: blatantly and shamelessly Sell! Sell! Sell!

Then your results will almost always be: Unfollow. Unfriend. Block, Bad-mouth and Bye-bye.

The (not so) New Reality is:

First you earn their attention & trust THEN you earn their business!

Or said a little differently:

"You can make more friends (business prospects) in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you." - Dale Carnegie

If you get nothing else from this post today I want you to remember this:

Valuable content should always come before commerce.

Seek to uncover and solve people's pain, inform 'em and make them laugh. You want the majority of your posts to be a Welcome Guest in other people's feeds NOT an Annoying Pest.

And by offering value up front you will have earned the right to post solutions to their problems that financially benefit you.


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